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Here is a collection of answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.  Have an idea for something that should be displayed here?  Contact Us and let us know!

How Long Will My Pool Take to Build?
The average pool will take eight to twelve weeks of actual construction time from excavation to the JUST ADD WATER phase. There are however many factors outside our control such as obtaining permits in specific jurisdictions, subcontractor lead times and change order requests. Specialized products and/or material availability can also increase construction time. Many factors can combine for larger scale projects that affect construction time. We find that comprehensive pool planning and design can reduce changes and unexpected delays.
What is a Hard Dig and How Does it Increase the Cost?

A rock excavation is encountered when the machinery that’s has been planned for your yard cannot dig the pool without using special techniques and equipment due to the soil conditions. If the crew finds that their machinery is incapable of the dig, the excavators will expose the soil condition by digging a hole and leaving it open. Typically, we will secure three bids and get your approval on the extra costs prior to proceeding.

If you suspect you are in a rocky area, we can secure a bid and make it part of the original agreement. This can save time and allow for the extra costs to be financed. Many times excavators can dig a rock pool in about the same time as a pool in softer soil. To accomplish this task, we contract with highly skilled machine operators. These workers are more experienced and skilled than typical laborers, providing peace of mind that the job will be done right. However, the requirement for specialty equipment and advanced skill does increase the cost of your overall budget.

How Often Should I Run My Pool Pump?

Running your pump on a regular basis is just part of regular pool maintenance. The pump is the heart of your pool’s circulation system.  Clearing debris and keeping the chemicals properly mixed so that the pool water remains sanitary is a critical part of your pool’s function and enjoyment. How often you run your swimming pool filters and pumps will depend on a variety of factors, such as:

  • The size of the pool
  • How often the pool is being used, by humans and pets
  • How much debris your pool collects

Calculating Your Pump’s Running Time

This calculation can be used as a general guide for determining how long you should run your pump for proper pool maintenance:

(Pool volume/filtration rate) x 2 = Hours necessary to run a filter

So let’s say you have a 20,000-gallon pool and a filtration rate of 3000 gallons per hour. Your equation would look like this:

(20,000/3000) x 2 = 13.333 or 13 hours and 20 minutes during a 24- hour period of time

Other Factors to Consider

Again, this equation is intended to give you a general idea of how to clean a pool and keep it clean during the summer months. The size and type of pump that you have can also play a large role in how long you run your pump (as well as your operating costs). Having a smaller, high-efficiency pump may allow you to run the pump for anywhere from a third to half the amount of time of that of a larger and older pump. Keep an eye on your water and remember to test it frequently to ensure that the water stays clean and healthy.

Do I Need A Fence Around My Pool?

Pool Safety and Awareness is an important aspect of being a pool owner. There are Safety Barrier Guidelines published online as the requirements vary from City to City. Pool safety barriers or exterior barriers that prevent easy access to your pool, provides an extra layer of protection and safety from drowning.

  • Door & window alarms: External alarms that are installed on any door or window that leads out to the backyard that sounds an alarm once opened
  • Door closers: A mechanism added to a standard door or sliding glass door that automatically closes the door behind you that includes a safety latch 54” from the floor
  • Window locks: Locking hardware that is installed 54” from the floor on windows that open to the backyard
  • Gate springs: A spring is added to a pedestrian or RV gate that makes it self-closing
  • Wrought iron pool fencing: A fully welded iron fence that is at least 5ft high that surrounds a pool with a self-locking gate
  • Mesh pool fencing: A fence made out of 4ft or 5ft tall mesh panels set between aluminum poles. This type of fence is removable but will not meet pool safety barrier code in all cities.

The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona provides a free Pool & Spa Safety Checklist.  To obtain visit

Should I Hire a Professional to Maintain My Pool/Spa?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your swimming pool took care of itself? With new pool automation technology, you can handle all the labor-intensive, and sometimes tedious, work of sanitization, pH balancing, keeping the pool clean, and taking care of the filtration systems all with no more work than pressing a few buttons. Sometimes, you don’t even have to press anything. It all just takes care of itself!

Better yet, swimming pool automation can save you money. In fact, you can save up to 70% on chemicals and energy costs by automating many of a pool’s essential functions. And if you’re really into the cool tech stuff, you can use your Pool Equipment Manufacturer’s digital app to access your equipment remotely from your compatible mobile device to turn your equipment on and off, adjust the lights and water features and get your hot tub bubbling and to temperature before pulling into the driveway.

However, if your family lifestyle is demanding and your time limitations make maintaining your own pool/spa inconsistent or impossible, your best option is to hire a respected pool maintenance professional to provide weekly maintenance service and quarterly or semi-annual pump filter cleaning.

Do I Need An Automatic Pool Cleaner?

When people think of tedious pool work they often think of standing on the edge of the pool and fishing out stray leaves with a net. Not to mention cleaning the dust and rocks that can collect at the bottom of pools. This can leave your pool looking dirty and not very appealing.

Now, enter the robotic pool cleaner. This is much more than the old suction or pressure cleaners. These robotic cleaners use sensors, algorithms, and new pool cleaning technology to make sure the entire pool gets cleaned, including scrubbing the walls. With this type cleaner, your new swimming pool will be effortlessly spotless!

Do I Need A Swimming Pool Alarm System?
A real concern many people have when it comes to installing a new in-ground swimming pool is safety. Swimming pools, like almost anything, can be hazardous without proper supervision and if certain safety precautions aren’t taken. However, swimming pool alarm systems go a long way to adding an extra layer of security for worried homeowners. These alarms have been rated up to 100% reliability in detecting any large object falling into a pool. In this case, “large” means anything bigger than a twig. With one of these in the pool, you can feel confident that your family and your pets will be safe.
Are There Tips for My Backyard Landscaping?

In Arizona the sweltering Sun brings a hard, hot heat, and at the end of the day, the pool is the best place to go when you need to cool down. However, as you sit in the comfort and coolness of your pool, you stare out to the rest of your yard and realize something is missing: beautiful landscaping. Here are some great tips for landscaping around your Arizona swimming pool.

1. Make the Appropriate Choices

When you are thinking about landscaping your pool area, make sure you are well-informed before you begin the project. Some things to consider might be what kinds of landscaping your soil type will support, what plants you should choose that do not attract insects and things of this nature. With such a wide variety of landscaping options, get one step ahead of the game by being informed beforehand about the viability of trees and plants in your geographic region.

2. Pick the Right Plants and Bushes

Plants are an important and pretty obvious decision when landscaping your swimming pool area. You want your yard to shine, but consider your options carefully. Make sure the plants you choose grow well in your region and that they endure the extremes of most of the seasons. Plants, trees and bushes are integral parts of your overall project, so pick those that will successfully grow and survive year long.

3. Try a Tropical Approach

You need to try and figure out what tone or feel you want your new yard to have. One of the most popular choices here is going for a tropical look. Native palms and bushes are a great look. They can give your yard that island time feel that comes with places like the Florida coastline or the Caribbean. In addition, they are much hardier and easier to maintain than other types of landscaping.

4. Let Nature be the Focal Point

If your property has some aspect of nature and beauty to it, do not be afraid to show it off. Work your landscaping design to incorporate the natural environment. Let nature be nature because it is beautiful by design.

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