20 Steps to Building A Pool

The 20 Steps To Building Your Outdoor Oasis

Our goal at Celestial Outdoor Living is to make the pool building process as straightforward and easy as possible for our customers. Here are the 20 steps that everyone should know going into the new pool construction process.

1. Design

Identifying the scope of the project and creating the project design in a computer based design program, which calculates all the data required by the construction crew.

2. Site Visit

1-Day Process

Engineering and a pre-site inspection is conducted.


1-7 Day Process

Permit application is prepared and submitted by us to the city for approval.

4. Blue Stake

1-Day Process

Pre-grade of the pool site and location of utilities is determined.

5. Layout

1-Day Process

Physical layout of the project on site with bright spray paint.

6. Excavation

1-2 Day Process

Dirt Removal and installation of form boards outlining the pool shape.

7. Plumbing

1-3 Day Process

Installation of plumbing for all pool equipment.

8. Steel

1-2 Day Process

Installation of steel reinforced rebar creating the inside structure of the pool.

9. Electrical

1-2 Day Process

Installation of electrical wiring for all pool equipment and lighting.

10. Inspection

1-2 Day Process

Pre-shotcrete inspection.  Passing required before moving to the next phase.

11. Shotcrete

1-2 Day Process

Shotcrete is concrete used to create the pool shell.  Curing the concrete is necessary and requires the homeowner’s participation in keeping the concrete wet.

12. Decking

2-7 Day Process

Installation of pool coping, decking, pavers and special features such as sheer descent walls, waterfalls, bubblers, fire pots, etc.

13. Tile

1-2 Day Process

Installation of water-line and all other tile.

14. Inspection

1-2 Day Process

Pre-plaster inspection.   Passing is required before moving to the next phase.

15. Cleanup

1-Day Process

Cleaning and preparation for installation of plaster or PebbleTec.

16. Interior Finish

2-Day Process

Installation of plaster or PebbleTec.

17. Cleanup

1-Day Process

Acid wash of PebbleTec the day after installation.  

18. Pool Fill

1-2 Day Process

Fill pool with water (may can take more than 24 hours depending on the size)

19. Startup

1-Day Process

Start-up of pool equipment, installation of suction cleaner and adding of required chemicals.

20. Orientation

1-Day Process

You will receive an in-person review and instructions on how to properly care for and operate your new custom pool and equipment.

Are you ready for the pool of your dreams?

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